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Lestar Home IQ System

Discussed LCD component  with the periphery, comes from smart home system. The system provides control of home lighting, gates, sensors, etc.. It has access to features via the Internet network and it is so attractive.



In mobile phones, Nokia 3100.6100, 6610 it was used displays by two producers, Phillips and Epson, they are very different in the initiation but have the same procedures of communication and receiving commands. In source code You find the initiation of these two different displays. The display has a resolution of 132x132 pixels. There are three ways to display content with 1, 2 or 3 bytes per pixel. Descriptions is in the download section.


Purpose of project

Published PCB and software with source code because i will make it easier or save time for each designer. Display board with an SD card and navogate keys is so versatile design that can be used in many others applications. Wherever is a need to communicate with users,  need SD card, there will your application. Images tiles are in  download section.



Today standard is the miniaturization of electronics, unfortunately for amateur performing device is a real problem when it meets with small connectors. You just solder was under a lamp with a lens. Attempts Hotair but also are possible in a very short time because the plastic components are easily deformed.



On schematic diagram can distinguish several elements such as LCD backlighting, joystick, two buttons, SD card connector, and two 7V5 and 3V3 stabilizers.


Download PDF
Manual Phillips LCD

Manual Epson LCD

Tutorial LCD



My own source code

Schematics and PCB

Souce codes for AVR (not my)

Library for Eagle


Film on YouTube with this Nokia LCD